Girls Middle School Cross Country · Girls Middle School Cross Country finishes 1st place at Goodwin XC Bowling Classic

  Place Points
Coldwater High School 1st 80

When all forms of competition have been exhausted to determine who is the best of the best, you find a sport that equalizes the playing field. You visit the Arena of Champions….Pla-mor Lanes. The Lady Cavs competed outside their realm of expertise when they showed up for the Goodwin XC Bowling Classic. The Classic, named after famed Coldwater AD Eric Goodwin, brought together five unique groups of cross country runners to show off their bowling prowess. In attendance to watch the unimpressive performance was Rick Hartings, who commented after watching two frames, ” I have to go. I think there is a pizza burning in the oven.” Needless to say, Rick didn’t find any talent to fill his roster sheet for the upcoming season’s quest for a gold like figure with perfect bowling form.

Competing for prestige, bragging rights, and notable charities, the Lady Cavs formed five teams made up of JH and HS runners. Each team adopted a group that they would play on behalf of and donate all winning to their causes. The winning team was the Super Heros who were playing for “Heros Without Capes” with an average of 80.1. They defeated Team Toga who were playing for “Bleach for Sheets”, Team Farmers who were playing for “Farmers Without Fertilizer”, Team Flyin’ Hawaiians who were playing for “Jack Mescher”, and Team Hippies/80’s who were playing for “Groupies Retirement Fund of Ohio”. Each team performed poorly and showed why they are cross country runners.

Good luck next year and be sure to come out to Coldwater Memorial Park on Oct. 5th to cheer on the the Lady Cavs at the Lions Invitation.