Girls Varsity Cross Country · Girls Finish 5th Place at Versailles…Putting The Pieces Together

  Place Points
Coldwater High School 5th 105

During the quarantine, my family and I worked on jigsaw puzzles. We would get a new box in the mail. We would open up the box and dump all the pieces on our kitchen table. As a family, we all had our different ways we liked to work. One of us loved to find all the edge pieces. Someone else would look for a unique pattern from the picture and gather like pieces. It would take us a few days, but in the end we were able to put the entire puzzle together and admire the work we did as a family. This season for the Lady Cavaliers is very similar. We started the season not knowing if the puzzle was coming in the mail. When it showed up, we excitedly ripped open the box and started going to work on putting together the puzzle we call the 2020 Cross Country season.

At Versailles, we continued to find the pieces to our picture and the Lady Cavs were able put together parts of races that we are hoping will turn into a magical season. One of those pieces we got back was Haley Alig who won the race in a time of 20:07. Following her across the finish line were Ferd 2 and Ferd 1, Sara and Beth Honigford. The only reason we the numbers are in reverse order is because when I nicknamed a couple of years back, Beth was beating Sara. Now the tables have flipped and so has the numbers. After 2 and 1, came the masked bandit, Carlee Goodwin with Lily Schoenherr following not to far behind. Rounding our the top 7, which would count as our Varsity team, where Lindsey Pease and Elise Schwieterman. On a day where the temperatures where on the rise, the smell of the sewage plant was rip, and the masks were in full enforcement, the Lady Cavs would run home with a 5th place finish and wanting to get back to work on the “team puzzle”.

If you are following the Lady Cavs this season, we will be back in action next week at home. They race at 9:00 and will be racing many of the other MAC schools at Memorial Park. We will have a special theme of “Boston Marathon” at the race in support of two local ladies, Ashley Lefeld and Lynn Huwer, who qualified for the Boston Marathon, but were not able to attend it due to the pandemic. They will be running it virtually around Coldwater next Saturday morning and finishing at the track around 10:30 AM. Cheer on our the runners.

Full Results:
Position Overall Position Bib# Name Chip Time Score
1 1 580 Haley Alig 00:20:07.38 1
2 20 587 Sara Honigford 00:22:24.40 20
3 24 586 Beth Honigford 00:22:33.55 24
4 29 583 Carlee Goodwin 00:22:52.53 29
5 32 590 Lily Schoenherr 00:23:09.78 31
6 45 589 Lindsey Pease 00:24:19.84 (36)
7 46 591 Elise Schwieterman 00:24:20.93 (37)
50 584 Allison Hamberg 00:24:45.00 COL
51 585 Shelby Homan 00:24:49.90 COL
66 588 Audrey Lefeld 00:26:53.65 COL
85 582 Brianne Burrows 00:31:23.43 COL