Boys Varsity Wrestling · Boys Varsity Wrestling finishes 1st place at Coldwater Cavalier Invitational

  Place Points
Coldwater High School 1st 5
Jay County High School 2nd 4
Celina Senior High School 3rd 3
Van Wert High School 4th 2
Jefferson High School 5th 1

Coldwater Varsity Wrestling wins the annual Cavalier Invitational from Coldwater High School. Team finishes were (Individual 5-0 winners are listed at the bottom):

5-0 Coldwater
4-1 Jay County, IN
3-2 Celina
2-3 Van Wert
1-4 Delphos Jefferson

Round 1:
Coldwater over Delphos Jefferson 71-2
Jay County over Van Wert 69-11
Celina over B-Team (F)

Round 2:
Coldwater over Celina 47-24
Van Wert over Delphos Jefferson 63-12
Jay County over B-Team (F)

Round 3:
Jay County over Delphos Jefferson 77-0
Celina over Van Wert 49-28
Coldwater over B-Team (F)

Round 4:
Coldwater over Jay County 39-26
Celina over Delphos Jefferson 54-24
Van Wert over B-Team (F)

Round 5:
Coldwater over Van Wert 42-35
Jay County over Celina 63-15
Delphos Jefferson over B-Team (F)

Undefeated Wrestlers for the tournament:
Nick Kline – Coldwater
Brian Chmielewski – Coldwater
Kobe Boggs – Coldwater
Reece Thomas – Coldwater
Seth Obringer – Coldwater
Thomas Schwieterman – Coldwater
Tim Ferrel – Celina
Zakk Atkins – Jay County
Ian Liette – Jay County
Mason Winner – Jay County
Gaven Hare – Jay County
Gabe Steyer – Van Wert
Isaiah Bretz – Van Wert