Cavaliers News · Coldwater Weekly Athletic Schedule/ticket plans for Jan 11th to Jan 17th

Click below for the Coldwater Weekly Athletic schedule for Jan 11th to Jan 17th:

Jan 11th to 17th, 2021

Here is the ticket/attendance procedures for each event (will be updated as I receive information).  “No Limitations on Attendance” means that we will seat up to the maximum number and do not see any issues on keeping it under the allotted number with normal gate sales.

Note:  NO passes will be accepted.  Masks must be worn.  Spectators must sit on marked areas.

Mon, Jan 11th – 9th Boys Basketball @ New Bremen – No charge, no limitations on attendance.

Tues, Jan 12th – JH Boys Basketball @ Fort Loramie – Up to 4 tickets per participant.  $3 per ticket.  Will use roster at the gate to check you off when you purchase tickets.

Tues, Jan 12th – JH Wrestling hosting Indian Lake/DSJ – In Pit.  All tickets purchased online for $4.  You must get a Code from your coach for tickets.  Maximum of 2 per participant.  There will be NO gate sales.

Tues, Jan 12th – JH Girls Basketball hosting New Bremen – In Palace.  $4 Gate Sales only.  No limitations on attendance.

Tues, Jan 12th – Varsity/JV Girls Basketball @ Crestview – $5 pay at the gate.  Must have a voucher from the coach in advance to take with you.

Thur, Jan 14th – Boys/Girls Bowling hosting Lima Senior – $6 gate sales.  See coach for limitations.

Thur, Jan 14th – JH Boys Basketball @ New Bremen – Game played in new gym at New Bremen entering door # 17.  Each participant will be permitted 2 tickets to be purchased at the gate for $4 each.  Rosters will be at the gate to check off for the parents to purchase these tickets.  They will clear the gym after the 7th game and 8th grade parents should remain outside until game is cleared.  Streamed on NKTELCO for $5.

Thur, Jan 14th – Boys/Girls Swimming @ South Adams – No spectators permitted.  Will be streamed through South Adams Athletic Facebook page.

Thur, Jan 14th – Varsity Wrestling @ Allen East – No Gate Sales.  Participants will be given a code by the coaches to purchase 2 tickets online.

Thur, Jan 14th – JH Girls Basketball hosting Van Wert – In Palace.  $4 Gate Sales only.  No limitations on attendance.

Thur, Jan 14th – Varsity/JV Girls Basketball @ New Bremen – $6 at the gate.  No limitations on attendance.

Fri, Jan 15th – Varsity/JV Boys Basketball hosting New Bremen – No gate sales.  Season tickets or presale (if available) only

Sat, Jan 16th – Wrestling hosting Sielski Invitational – $8 online ticket sales only.  Must have a code to purchase tickets.  Participants only have the codes from their coaches.

Sat, Jan 16th – Bowling @ Minster – $6 at the gate.  See coach for limitations.

Sat, Jan 16th – Boys/Girls Swimming @ Fremont Ross – No spectators permitted.  It will be streamed live through CaVision (NFHS Network)

Sat, Jan 16th – Varsity/JV Boys Basketball hosting St. Marys – No gate sales.  Season tickets or presale (if available) only