Cavaliers News · Coldwater Athletes and Parents – Important NEW Sports Physical information

For all incoming Coldwater Parents and Athletes entering grades 7-12:

Even if you have already completed all of the online physical Privit information, you need to do this new component!

We have added an additional component to the online sports physical Privit website that you need to complete prior to the first practice.  This will replace the mandatory OHSAA Preseason Parent/Athlete meeting that was scheduled for Monday, August 3rd.  You no longer need to attend that meeting for this year, but you do need to complete the online component through Privit.

  1. Go to
  2. Mouse over “More” (drop down box will appear)
  3. Under the Athletic Physical Information section; click “Online Physical Website Link – Privit”
  4. Login to Privit
  5. Click into each child
  6. Under EACH child, there will be a section “Preseason Meeting”
  7. Click into it, watch the video (powerpoint)
  8. Click the box “I hereby acknowledge that I have ….”
  9. Click “Submit” and follow through with the signing process
  10. When done, it should take you back to your home page and you should have 2 green checks next to this section

Repeat this for each child, obviously you do not need to watch the video for each child as it is the same video.

This has to be done prior to their first practice, try to complete it asap though in case you have any questions.  Again, this replaces you coming into school for the 1 hour OHSAA Preseason Parent Meeting that was scheduled for Monday, August 3rd.

If you have any questions, please call.

Go Cavs!