Multiple Teams · Coldwater Parents MUST complete Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training prior to 1st practice – Read Below for instructions

Parents of Athletes,

A new requirement by the OHSAA is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training for ALL parents of athletes.  This must be completed by the parent prior to the 1st practice.  To do so, follow these instructions (should only take 20 minutes including a 16 minute video):

  1. Login to your Parent Privit (Online Physical) account (Link is on website under Menu – More – Physical Info)
  2. Click:  your son/daughters name on the left hand side
  3. Scroll down to “Sudden Cardiac Arrest”
  4. Click Blue “Start” button
  5. Review the Parent Form (do not print it off unless you want it)
  6. Review “Lindsays Law Information” (do not print it off unless you want it)
  7. Watch the Video (approximately 16 minutes)
  8. Check “Acknowledgement” box
  9. Click Blue “Submit” button
  10. Click Blue “Sign” button
  11. Check Signature box
  12. Click Blue “Sign Document” box
  13. Click “Home” in upper left hand side
  14. Scroll Down – Should have Green check by Parent
  15. Click Red X “Student/Athlete Click Here”
  16. Check Signature box
  17. Click Blue “Sign Document”
  18. Click “Home” in upper left hand side
  19. Should now have 2 Green checks under “Sudden Cardiac Arrest”
  20. Repeat for each child (you do not need to watch video or click handouts again – just sign)
  21. Logout when completed

If you have questions please call.  Keep in mind this is a new Law that is required.

Go Cavs

Eric Goodwin